Hazrati is your one-stop-shop to buy and sell a range of products that inspire and amaze!

Founded in 2015, Hazrati is a buyer and seller marketplace that is powered by a global community of vintage collectors, independent artists, and product makers, based in New York. Need a product to sell or buy? Look no further and shop for the most inspiring, amazing and unique products that can’t be found anywhere else.

So, what makes us so special? Why should you buy or sell your products here? When you buy something from Hazrati, you are supporting an individual seller, who manages the creation process from conception, all the way to packaging and shipping the product to your home. Buyers can find plenty of sellers, and sellers can find other sellers and buyers.

Hazrati is a global community that supports local economies by connecting to global markets. We empower people to sell their products and create opportunities for buyers to purchase products at the best prices. This is why we stay true to delivering value to our customers and clients all over the world.

From buying one-of-a-kind to trendy, rare or commonplace, luxurious or plain, used or new, if the Jewelry or Watch related item exists on this planet, you can find it for sale at a reasonable price here on Hazrati.
Sell Creative Goods

    Create a seller portal to attract more buyers.
    Grow a creative business on your terms (for instance ship for free, or subtract charges)
    Reach customers/buyers all over the globe.

Shop for Unique Jewelry and Watches

    Find flea markets, boutiques, and craft fairs, all on Hazrati.
    Discover craft supplies, handmade jewelry and watches, and vintage goods, all in one place.
    Get accurate recommendations for jewelry and watches, based on your taste and preferences.

Hazrati’s vision is simple: to create an online marketplace that connects customers with passionate and professional makers of goods and supplies. We want to help people find the unique goods, gifts, and objects they can’t find in traditional brick-and-mortar stores and other online e-commerce shops.
Our Mission

Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for buyers and sellers all over the world by allowing them to find unique range of products, discover great value, and receive support sellers need to grow their businesses and thrive.

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